Manolis Aligizakis—An Interview, ENEKEN Five and One Questions


~In your “Vernal Equinox” the presence of the ‘woman’, is evidently dominant. The erotic element almost alive characterizes your poetry, don’t you believe?


~All along I have believed that women are ‘The Beauty of Earth’ and can be looked that way via the prism of poetry not only as something virginal but also as the emancipated female. Images come to us from the ancient days describing the Kore as well as the Maiden with the same exquisite mastery. As the poet says:


      I only remember of the sea

      that sang between your legs

     proudly upholding

     the beauty of Earth


~You’ve lived in Canada for over thirty years. How have you matured as a poet and within what poetic trend does your poetry fit?


~My first influences were the famous twentieth century Greek masters, Cavafy, Seferis, Ritsos, Elytis, who I have not…

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