Aristeidis G. Paradissis, Two poems

To Koskino



Ten years later at La Trobe University

“Nos plaisirs les plus doux ne vont point sans tristesse.”
Pierre Corneille, Horace, V. i.

the hot day grips me tight in sweat
as I creep into the most current cafeteria
ghosts from the past drift in with me
flowing old friends whose eyes spoke brightly of life
cet eclair dans nos yeux que nous nommons la vie
(Lamartine radiated laments as he gazed at lakes and graves)
I touch old whispers as I clutch my glass of cold pretexts
and sip slow memories amid the tellurian bustle
of bodies I don’t know
cappuccino and cake yells a publicity-conscious window
loudly to the diminished day outside
in the Agora the four bodybuilder plane trees
are still trying to stand guard against the gatecrasher years
ripples of history begin to lap at me
I can hear the…

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