The Happiness Scale

The Champagne Epicurean

What is it about the human species that makes it addicted to putting things and people into categories and boxes? We wouldn’t need to think outside the box if we never created the box in the first place!

Maybe it’s a vestigial habit inherited from our evolutionary past. It is beneficial for a tribe or a group to assign roles to each other, specialization carved a path that ultimately lead to civilization. Categorizing has taken many forms: from the rigid caste system of the Hindus and the British class system, to the racial monikers, astrology is also a great and stupid way to put types into boxes, religiosity (like Dawkins’ seven-point scale) and of course politics, you’re Right I’m Left, etc.

But even our holistic, multifarious knack for type-setting has evaded one fascinating, if non-binding, type of categorization: boxes related to happiness. And this is something I’ve undertaken to do…

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