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Yanis Varoufakis

Photo-Image .JPGTo: Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, President of the Eurogroup, the Board of Governors of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), and Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Ecofin) Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), and Cecilia Malmström, EU Trade Commissioner


As Citizens of the European Union we demand, effective immediately,

  • the live-streaming of the entire European Council, Eurogroup, ESM Board of Governors and Ecofin meetings, and the subsequent publication of official transcripts for all such meetings
  • a full set of minutes for each ECB Governing Council meeting to be published three weeks after the conclusion of each regular meeting, and complete transcripts of these meetings to be published within two years
  • an exhaustive list of all Brussels lobbyists and a register of every one of their meetings with elected or unelected EU officials
  • electronic publication…

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Yannis Ritsos//Γιάννης Ρίτσος





Ήρθαν οι τρεις αγγελιοφόροι. Ανέβηκαν τη σκάλα.

Οι κήρυκες φύγαν απ’ την πίσω πόρτα. Ένα σκυλί

περνούσε τοίχο-τοίχο. Μες στην κάμαρα του σκοτωμένου

έμπαινε η μυρωδιά της πασχαλιάς. Οι στρατιώτες, έξω,

έβγαζαν τα σπαθιά τους και τα κράνη τους, τ’ απόθεταν

στις πέτρες, ζεσταμένες απ’ τον ήλιο.

Τάχα ο δολοφόνος

νάχε περάσει το ποτάμι; Νάχε βγει; Και

νάταν αυτός; Γιατί πληθύναν τελευταία οι σωσίες,

λες η συνήθεια, οι όμοιες προσταγές, η επιδημία—

όταν κανένας κοίταζε τους άλλους, είχε την εντύπωση

ότι κοιτιόταν σε πολλούς καθρέφτες. Αυτό καταπράυνε

κάπως τα πράγματα,—μια γενική ενοχή ή συγνώμη

και κάποτε μια γενική αδιαφορία.

Μα, τώρα,

κανείς δεν ήθελε να πάρει πάνω του μια τέτοια ευθύνη

κι άρχισαν ένας-ένας να μη μοιάζουν πια.

Τ’ απόγευμα

ακολουθήσαμε όλοι την κηδεία. Όταν, αντίκρυ,

μπροστά στην πύλη, ανάμεσα στις δυο ψηλές κολώνες,

ορθός ο δολοφόνος, στέκονταν κρατώντας με σέβας

το πιο μεγάλο στέφανο από άσπρα και κόκκινα κρίνα.





Three messengers came. They climbed up the stairs.

The heralds left from the back door. One dog

passed by along the wall. Fragrance of lilac

entered the room of the dead man. Outside, the soldiers

took off their helmets and swords; they placed

them on rocks warmed up by the sun.

I wonder if the killer

had crossed the river? Would he had gone out? Was

it him? Because lately there have been a lot of look-a-likes.

You’d think the customs, the same orders, the epidemic –

when one looked at the others, he got the impression

of looking in multiple mirrors. To a certain degree that

had calmed things down – a general guilt or forgiveness

and sometimes a general indifference.

But, now,

no one wanted to shoulder such responsibility

and they started one by one not to look alike anymore.

In the afternoon

we all followed the funeral procession. When, opposite,

before the altar, between two tall columns,

the killer was standing, reverently holding

the biggest wreath made of white and red lilies.



~Γιάννη Ρίτσου-Ποιήματα/Μετάφραση Μανώλη Αλυγιζάκη

~Yannis Ritsos-Poems/Translated by Manolis Aligizakis