Kostis Palamas



Καὶ πρωτοεῖδε ὁ πρῶτος ἄνθρωπος
τοῦ ἥλιου τὴν ἀνατολή,
καὶ νὰ τῆς γλυκαποκρίνεται
γρίκησε μία μουσική,
χίλια λόγια, χίλια ἐγκώμια
πρὸς τῆς μέρας τὴν πηγή.
Κι ὅλα, ὦ θάμα, κι ὅλα, κ᾿ οἱ ὕμνοι,
καὶ τὰ λόγια καὶ τὰ ἐγκώμια,
σκορπιστήκανε στὰ τετραπέρατα,
καὶ τὰ σάρκωσαν οἱ αἰῶνες,
καὶ γινήκανε φωτοθεοὶ
καὶ ἁρμονίας τέρατα.



And the first man saw

the sun’s ascent for the first time

and he heard music

responding to it sweetly

thousands of words

thousand compliments

toward the spring of day.

And everything, what a miracle

the hymns and everything

spread to the four corners of the earth

and the eons gave them flesh

turning them into Light-Gods

monsters of harmony

2 thoughts on “Kostis Palamas

  1. The Poetry Channel 09/03/2016 / 10:27 AM

    Thank you for constantly introducing me to poets and poems I might otherwise never have enjoyed.
    On another note, we need your permission to publish your contribution along with the rest of the #PoetsforPeace collaboration. You can give it to me here in comments if you prefer. Thank you.


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