Dr Writer & Mr Editor: A guest post by Dmetri Kakmi

To Koskino


By Lee Kofman

As a writer who is also an editor, I’m often asked how it feels to be edited. In other words, how does it feel to be on the receiving end of criticism and someone else’s red pen, instead of being the one that dishes out the dirt?

The short answer is it’s discombobulating. The long answer is more complicated.

I edit for a living and when I have time I write; and that writing, should it be deemed publishable, is inevitably intensely scrutinised by other editors. As intensely, I hope, as I scrutinise other writers’ work before it is ready to be published.

When I gave the question serious consideration, I realised several things.

The first is that I love to be edited. The second is that I hate to be edited.

Following on from that, I saw that I am a split personality.

There are two…

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