Kostas Karyotakis



Φίλε, ἡ καρδιά μου τώρα σὰ νὰ ἐγέρασε.
Τελείωσεν ἡ ζωή μου τῆς Ἀθήνας,
ποὺ ὅμοια γλυκὰ καὶ μὲ τὸ γλέντι ἐπέρασε
καὶ μὲ τὴν πίκρα κάποτε τῆς πείνας.

Δὲ θά ῾ρθω πιὰ στὸν τόπο ποὺ ἡ πατρίδα μου
τὸν ἔδωκε τὸ γιόρτασμα τῆς νιότης,
παρὰ περαστικός, μὲ τὴν ἐλπίδα μου,
μὲ τ᾿ ὄνειρο ποὺ ἐσβήστη, ταξιδιώτης.

Προσκυνητὴς θὰ πάω κατὰ τὸ σπίτι σου
καὶ θὰ μοῦ ποῦν δὲν ξέρουν τί ἐγίνης.
Μ᾿ ἄλλον μαζὶ θὰ ἰδῶ τὴν Ἀφροδίτη σου
κι ἄλλοι τὸ σπίτι θά ῾χουν τῆς Εἰρήνης.

Θὰ πάω πρὸς τὴν ταβέρνα, τὸ σαμιώτικο
ποὺ ἐπίναμε γιὰ νὰ ξαναζητήσω.
Θὰ λείπεις, τὸ κρασί τους θά᾿ ναι ἀλλιώτικο,
ὅμως ἐγὼ θὰ πιῶ καὶ θὰ μεθύσω.

Θ᾿ ἀνέβω τραγουδώντας καὶ τρεκλίζοντας
στὸ Ζάππειο ποὺ ἐτραβούσαμεν ἀντάμα.
Τριγύρω θά ῾ναι ὡραῖα πλατὺς ὁ ὁρίζοντας,
καὶ θά ῾ναι τὸ τραγούδι μου σὰν κλάμα.




Now that my heart has aged, my friend

and my years in Athens have passed

sweetly and joyously in parties

and sometimes in the grief of hunger


I won’t ever return to the homeland that

graced me with the celebration of youth

but only as a hoping passerby

traveller with my dream that vanished


a pilgrim I’ll go back to your house

to find out they don’t know where you are.

Along with someone else I’ll meet your Aphrodite

while others will occupy the house of peace.


I’ll go to the tavern to re-order

the Samos wine we used to drink

I’ll miss you and their wine will taste different

yet I’ll drink and I’ll get drunk


singing and staggering I’ll go

to Zappeion where we used to go together

the horizon will be wide open all around

and my song will sound like a lament.


Kostas Karyotakis//NEOHELLENIC POETRY—AN ANTHOLOGY, Libros libertad, 2016



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