‘Capturing The Intangible, Ethereal and Spiritual Element of Human Form.'(18)

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‘Without a tradition, art is flock of sheep, without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.’ Winston Churchill

I am sure the most of you are able to recall this classic tale from Greek mythology: asked to find goddess Demeter hiding in a cave, Pan, an avid hunter, prefers to roam the forests of Arkadia in search of game — where he unwittingly falls upon Demeter.

Orpheus And Eurediece, 2015.jpg

Armando Alemdar Ara, ‘ORPHEUS AND EUREDICE’, 2014, GX Gallery, London

Looking closer at our lives, we can easily notice that the old tales and stories are the perfect mirror of the universal truths. In fact – during our lives, we often find something of great value and importance (something that we needed and dreamed of for a long time) only once we finally give up and stopped looking. Isn’t this ironic?

Some people call it luck,  but in fact it is serendipity –…

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