The Greek Generation of the 2000s and the politics of new European writing

Piano Poetry Pantelis Politics

Reading a rich review essay posted today on the current political turn of young European writers I am struck immediately by the similarities of this turn with the politics of the Greek generation of the 2000s. To show how well the Left Melancholy of the Greek poets fits into the general trend, I quote here selectively the essay’s general points, omitting the comments on the three specific writers it discusses. These general points describe equally well the poetics and politics of new Greek writing. Everything below is quotations.

August 3, 2016

A new generation of young European writers is reinventing political literature—and people are listening. Some of the brightest new voices on the continent are making their names through overtly political books, showing that literature, even books of poetry, can still play a significant role in shaping public discourse.

A new Europe is taking form in literature, one that reflects…

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