The melancholy of the long-distance Greek acrobat

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Greek poet, critic, and essayist Thomas Tsalapatis published recently the “Introduction” to a new weekly newspaper column, which he calls Diaries of Dystopia. The hero of the piece is an acrobat balancing with difficulty on the crest of a dam that is on the verge of breaking. On the one side of him is the abyss and on the other the surge of water pressing against the dam. He does not look to either side. All he does is try to maintain his faltering balance on the ledge so as not to fall or be saved. Each one of his steps causes another crack on the dam. Content and self-sufficient in his extreme precarity, he is doomed to his utter exposure and isolated in his proud solitude. Like most of the Greek readers of this story, he is caught in a dystopic present between a future that…

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