A Monologue On c- c – c – Changes

The Champagne Epicurean

Did a Homo Erectus ever give birth to a Homo Sapiens – the first Homo Sapiens? Evolution doesn’t work that way. No animal can ever give birth to offspring that doesn’t belong to its own species. There never was a first human.

And yet: humans are not Homo Erectus.

The change must have happened; its results are clear but its progress invisible. Change is an efficient, hard-working, non-stop process that only reveals its hands after many generations.

And if change works in such measured, unseen, ways on the scale of evolution, then surely it must work in the same manner on an individual basis. Mustn’t it? Or is this just making the logical fallacy of confusing the macro with the micro – one doesn’t necessarily follow the other.

But change on the individual level does of course happen. The person you are now isn’t the same as the child you…

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