Darwin’s Beagle Journals


Here is something for those explorers planning a new year full of exciting travels! On the 27th of December 1831, Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882) embarked on his first journey aboard the HMS Beagle, during which he began to formulate the theory of evolution. The trip lasted almost 5 years taking him from Plymouth to Rio, then around the world to Mauritius then back to Falmouth. The result of the expedition was hisJournal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the countries visited during this voyage on the Beagle, under the command of Captain Fitz Roy, R.N. Its first edition was published May 1839:


“July 5th, 1832.—In the morning we got under way, and stood out of the splendid harbour of Rio de Janeiro. In our passage to the Plata, we saw nothing particular, excepting on one day a great shoal of porpoises…

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