Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya: Love in the Creative Partnership


On the 3rd of April 1950, German composer Kurt Weill died of a heart attack in New York City. His highly innovative and eclectic works for the theatre, such as the Threepenny Opera, Mahagonny, Lady in the Dark, Street Scene, but also numerous popular songs and instrumental music, have secured him lasting fame and a reputation that continues to grow in time as more of his music is performed. Thinking of Weill one must also remember his wife and life and work companion Lotte Lenya, whose voice is associated with most of his songs. After Weill’s death, it was also Lenya who contributed most to the popularisation of her husband’s compositions. Therefore her input into Weill’s career should not be disregarded.

61944The composer and his future wife first met in the summer of 1924 and instantly took a shine to each other. They were both very distinctive individuals in…

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