A Short Analysis of Philip Larkin’s ‘Essential Beauty’

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A reading of a classic poem about advertising

‘Essential Beauty’ (1962) is one of several poems Philip Larkin wrote about the gulf between advertising and the real world. Like another poem he wrote in 1962, ‘Sunny Prestatyn’, ‘Essential Beauty’ examines the promises that billboard advertisements make to us and how starkly the reality of people’s lives differs from such aspirational messages. You can read ‘Essential Beauty’ here.

Before we proceed to an analysis of this poem, a quick summary. ‘Essential Beauty’ is divided into two stanzas. The first offers a series of images from contemporary posters advertising a range of products: Oxo (‘that small cube’), Ovaltine (‘cups at bedtime’), and so on. Many of these were genuine adverts, or Larkin’s distilled summary of their typical contents. These advertisements offer their products as the key to attaining the perfect life: a well-balanced family, a life of ‘smiles’, ‘how life…

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Σαν σήμερα γεννήθηκε ο ☭ Ερνέστο Τσε Γκεβάρα ☭ 14 Ιουνίου 1928


GUEVARA«Εάν τρέμεις από αγανάκτηση για κάθε αδικία, τότε είσαι σύντροφος μου». Τα λόγια ανήκουν στον Ερνέστο Τσε Γκεβάρα, το αιώνιο σύμβολο της επανάστασης, της αυτοθυσίας. Τον άνθρωπο που ενέπνευσε και συνεχίζει να εμπνέει χιλιάδες γενιές και κυρίως όσους έχουν μάθει να αγωνίζονται για το κάθε τι στη ζωή τους και να μην τα παρατούν ποτέ.

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