A Short Analysis of Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts

Interesting Literature

A reading of a late Woolf novel

Virginia Woolf’s classic modernist novel Mrs Dalloway (1925) is famously set over the course of just one day, in June 1923. But what is less well-known is that Woolf wrote a second novel also set on just one day: her last novel, Between the Acts (1941). The novel is an example of late modernism, which is a slightly different beast from the modernism seen in Woolf’s earlier novels, such as Mrs Dalloway but also To the Lighthouse.

Before we get to an analysis of the themes of Between the Acts, a brief plot summary – insofar as one can summarise the ‘plot’ of a Virginia Woolf novel – may be helpful. The action of Between the Acts takes place on the day of the village pageant held at the fictional house of Pointz Hall. The village pageant, organised by Miss La…

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