Greek poet Homer, a Marxist?

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Odysseus and Eumaios

This picture shows King Odysseus, hero of the ancient Greek poem Odyssey by Homer, conversing with the swineherd Eumaios. It is an engraving and etching on paper by John Flaxman. From 1805. So, Homer’s poetry proved to be still an inspiration after thousands of years.

This blog has mentioned Flaxman’s younger contemporary and fellow Englishman, the poet Shelley, and the question of his relationship to socialism and specifically Marxism.

Shelley had many ideas similar to Marxists and other socialists. Yet, I cannot call him a 100% socialist or Marxist: as he died, at 29 years of age, in 1822, ten years before the word socialist was first used and when Karl Marx was still a four-year-old toddler.

Now, a still more bold question. Was Greek poet Homer, considered to have lived 2500 years before Flaxman’s, Shelley’s and Marx’ nineteenth century, a Marxist?

To many people this may…

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