The merciful Hestia built my dwelling

echo of a gallop
sang in faraway lands
sound of a comma
I heard
the exclamation
of a woman’s nipple
an exhausted tree stopped
its rustle and I existed
in vague limbo

homophonic crickets spoke of duty
foggy installment of guilt

I carried into this world from
the serenity of the blessed souls
an unbroken link
to my ancestors beauty

wrath of barbarians at the cross points
of history and I felt Him
leaning over my cradle
to remind me
my future war against
shadows and
prickly pears seeds
the slow crawl of pain
had already commenced

easing my path to humanness


Εστία σπλαχνική έχτισε το χαγιάτι μου

ηχώ καλπασμού
σε μακρινά μέρη που ακούστηκε
πάταγος από κόμμα
που άκουσα
γυναίκειας θηλής
το εξαντλημένο δέντρο που σταμάτησε
το θρόϊσμά του κι υπήρξα
στην απροσδιόριστη διάσταση

ομόηχα τριζόνια μίλησαν για καθήκον

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cavafy copy


When they saw Patroklos dead
who was so brave and strong and young
the horses of Achilles began to cry;
their immortal nature was outraged
at the sight of this work of death.
They reared up and tossed their long manes
they stamped the ground with their hooves and mourned
Patroklos whom they felt was soulless — devastated —
lifeless flesh now — his spirit gone —
defenseless — without breath —
returned from life to the great Nothing.

Zeus saw the tears of the immortal
horses and felt sad. He said, “At the wedding of Peleus
I shouldn’t have acted so mindlessly;
it would have been better if we had not given you away
my unhappy horses! What need did you have to be
down there among miserable humans, playthings of fate.
You whom death cannot ambush, you who will never grow old
you are…

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And Aphrodite granted me her reddish

hymen that I craved
to push open
tough veil of my ambition
hymn that
I sang over the earth’s
green bosom and
on white bed-sheets rough and
where I learned
to measure
feminine superiority with shades of color
as I was born
to enjoy it
during the harsh hours
of peace

Suddenly I became impious
her arms went around my neck
holding me captive
in thoughts of lust
enjoyable and unspent
my folded arms
inside my grave I saw
oars of my boat to lead me
across the little cove
I always seek to arrive
to your embrace
impious I became
my kin’s apostate
profane supporter of bulbs and
ardent defender of the oath taken
under the auspices of the full moon


Κι η Αφροδίτη τον κοκκινωπό της μου δώρησε

υμένα που πολύ πεθύμησα
να διακορεύσω
τραχύ βέλο η φιλοδοξία μου

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Κινούμενη άμμος 1.10.2017


—με τον Γιώργο Πήττα—

Μια επίκληση από την Αιγυπτιακή Βίβλο των Νεκρών ανοίγει την εκπομπή και κάνει χώρο για να περάσει ο Howard Phillips Lovecraft υπογραμμισμένος από μουσικές που δένουν μεταξύ τους εσωτερικά, είτε είναι ένα μαδριγάλι του 1300 που έρχεται σε αρμονία με  την κιθάρα του Eric Clapton που ακολουθεί, είτε ο Erik Satie με τη Marianne Faithfull


1. Fenice Fu – Madrigal-1300/J.Da Bologna
2. Eric Clapton- Will Gaines
3. Jeremy Soule – Peace of Akatosh
4. Catholic Renaissance Hymns – Adoremus in Aeternum
5. Deep Purple- Lazy
6. Mozart – Requiem: Lacrimosa
7. Gregorian Chant – Da Pacem Domine
8. Pink Floyd- The Great Gig in The Sky
9. Pergolesi – Stabat Mater: Dolorosa
10. Samuel Barber – Agnus Dei
11. Plant / Page – Nobody’s Fault But Mine
12. Alan Parsons Project- Arrival
13. Erik Satie – Gymnopedie No. 1 (for Soprano)
14.Peter Gabriel – My body…

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