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China’s New Strategy in the South China Sea Will Force U.S. Military Action By A.J. BURSICK, Associate Editor, Money Morning • October 27, 2017 Beijing just unveiled a new tactic to assert its sovereignty claims in the South China Sea. Called the “lawfare” – or “legal warfare” – .. more > xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and the opinion says: rather is the reason why the US suddenly discovered the issue with North Korea …  message they wanted to do to China on the subject, (South China Sea Region), but the USA and NATO etc have failed …., * 1) Firstly, the issue with North Korea proves that,  YES have firecrackers and other… very hard weapons that the US was ignoring … so it is also obvious that the Atolmia proceed to the next step, ie Bomber of North Korea,  as we have in the past with other states … * 2) China…

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