Dimitris Troaditis, Tightrope Walking /Ακροβασíες

To Koskino

Book Review

by Dr. Edward Reilly

Dimitris Troaditis,
Tightrope Walking /Ακροβασíες,
tr. D. Kalimniou, Owl Publishing, Brighton Vic., 2017.
ISBN: 978-0-9805321-9-7

One of the pleasures of a literary friendship is to exchange poems. It serves as a means of dialogue, which all too often cannot take place given separations in time and distance, and neither letters nor social media quite fill that space a completed poem can occupy. Some time ago I sent out a chapbook of mine to friends, and marvelous to say, I received this volume in exchange.

As readers of Neos Kosmos would know, Dimitris Troaditis is something of a phenomenon. Born 1959 in Greece, he started writing poetry with serious intent almost 30 years ago and soon afterwards arrived in Australia, and has not stopped since. Two recent collections of his verse have been published in Athens, and he maintains a bilingual website To Koskino. He’s…

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