Living With Human Machines


Living With Human Machines

This is the cover artwork for the new mockART album “Living with Human Machines”. About 10 years ago I was discovered by a gallery with some holiday snaps and stopped working on my music project and turned my creative energy to photography.

I formed mockART after playing guitars in various bands, but decided form my own project to experiment with sounds and musical structures. I released my first album Reflux Ux Bisou in 2007 and a split album with Slovak artist Drén in 2008. After that I started to record pieces for a project called “Country Songs” which I still want to complete. For that project I asked people from different countries to send audio samples about life on the country side in their native language and used them for the tracks. So if you want to contribute to the project, you still can. Just send a message, or leave…

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The Quest cover

Το μυθιστόρημα μου, ΑΝΑΖΗΤΗΣΗ (THE QUEST) μόλις κυκλοφόρησε στη Β. Αμερική από τις Εκδόσεις Ekstasis Editions.

My novel THE QUEST (ΑΝΑΖΗΤΗΣΗ) just released by Ekstasis Editions,

The Quest is the story about a young boy’s dream of someday returning to his family’s home on the island of Crete. Pericles grew up listening to his grandfather tell stories of the Greek myths and life in the family’s former home. His family had come to live in Romania before Pericles was born but he is determined that someday he will go back to Crete himself. By the time Pericles is old enough to embark on his quest, Romania is in Communist hands and it is impossible to leave the country. Determined, Pericles travels on foot, alone through the mountains. Eventually he arrives in Greece, but life there isn’t what he expected. The country is under a dictatorship. The people of Greece are impoverished and disillusioned. Pericles makes his way by boat to Crete, but life there isn’t as carefree as his grandfather had described. The people are suspicious and wary of strangers. What is most surprising is the shocking revelation that he learns about his grandfather. Disappointed but undeterred, Pericles leaves Crete, setting off on a new quest to make a better life for himself. Today, the stories of refugees crossing borders in search of a better, safer life make Pericles’ quest all too familiar.



Neo-Hellene Poets_Feb8

Η μοναδική Ανθολογία Ελληνικής Ποίησης σε μετάφραση από Έλληνα της Διασποράς  //The only Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry ever translated by an Hellene of the Diaspora







Στο δρόμο, που το πλήθος τρέχει αδιάφορο
για κάθε ωραίο, αγάλι επερπατούσες,
έμοιαζες σα να σε ύψωνε πνοή
και τίποτα σα να μην εμισούσες.

Το βήμα σου απαλό σαν Απολύτρωση
κι η όψη σου ολόασπρη σαν κρίνο
κι έπεφτε η λάμψη της ματιάς κι εφάνταζε
το γαληνό χαμόγελό σου εκείνο!

Ένας ιερεύς κάποιας θρησκείας απόκοσμης
ή από του Βελασκέζ το θείο χρωστήρα
ζωγραφισμένος Ανδαλούσιος άρχοντας,
πρόβαινες μέσ’ την ανθρωποπλημμύρα.

Στον πολυθόρυβο το δρόμο ένα πρωί σ’ αντίκρυσα
όραμα πράο, άυλο, της αγιωσύνης
και στην ψυχή μου απόμεινες σαν είδωλο
μιας αιθερίας, ονειρευτής αλήνης.




In the street where people run incuriously

indifferent to beauty, you sauntered

looking as if the breeze was raising you,

as if you never hated anyone.


Your step was soft, a revelation,

your face snow-white, a lily,

and as your shining glance alighted on me

that tranquil smile appeared.


Like the priest of some fantastic faith

or someone painted by Velasquez’s holy brush

an Andalusian lord

you peeked out from behind the sea of people.


Once I’d met you in a noisy street,

a serene ghost, fleshless, holy,

you stayed on in my soul like

an ethereal idol and I your fanciful believer.


NEO-HELLENΕ POETS, An Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry: 1750-2018, Translated by Manolis Aligizakis, Ekstasis Editions/Libros Libertad, 2018