Hey Man, Is That a Mustache or a Wine Strainer?


Diodorus Siculus 5.28:

“The Gauls possess good bodily proportions, their skin is wet and white, and their hair is blonde not just from nature, but also on account of the preparation which they employ to increase the peculiar nature of that color. They constantly wash their hair with chalk diluted in water, and use this from the ends of their bangs all the way to the top of their scalp and the outer reaches of their hair, in such a way that they seem in appearance like Satyrs or Pans. Their hair is thickened by this routine, such that it seems little different from the hair on a horse’s mane.

Some of them shave their cheeks, and others will let their beards grow a bit. The nobles shave their cheeks, but let their moustaches grow out to the point that they cover their lips. For that reason, their mustaches get…

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