Kostis Palamas//Κωστής Παλαμάς




And for the temple I struggled to create
a statue on this rock: my body,
to place it naked, and to spend my life
to spend my life and never die

and I created it. And people, latest worshipers
before the wooden statues badly dressed
felt the thrill of anger and fear’s shiver
and saw the statue and I as combatants.

And they thrashed the statue and sent me to exile.
And to the foreign lands I led my steps
yet before it I offered a strange sacrifice
I dug a hole and deep into it I buried my statue.

And I whispered to it: “unseen spend your days
along with the roots and ancient ruins,
until your time comes, invincible flower that you are
even temple longs to dress your godly nakedness!”

And with his wide open mouth and voice of a prophet
the hole spoke: “No…

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Lily Zografos: Greece prostitutes herself, consciously and unconsciously.

No one is innocent no one is above his responsibility
I don’t promote any style, way of expression or literature. I don’t write short stories. I report events and signs of the current days. Everything I report has happened to me or to others. For years I’ve spent my life keeping an eye on everything and everyone.
Life goes through me, entrusts me with its ugliness, infuriates me with its systematic injustice it humbles me for my inability to react, to successfully rebel to defend our common ridicule.
If I could be twenty year old again I would start from the mountain peaks, a partisan, a thief, a pirate to open the eyes of those who with no complain accept their fate, as much as those who close their eyes intentionally. No, my revolution wouldn’t go against the establishment but against those…

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Paolo Ruffini, Breath / Ανάσα

To Koskino

It is in that remote breath,

inside the heart,

that everyone recognizes

his destiny.

The most forbidden dream:

the idea

of an even daily infinity

left by fate

at the body of love.

Surrendered, imprisoned,

to keep intact

its taste,

subtracted from emptiness,

for a long time held in vain,

between the thighs,

but like water

anyway escapes

from the hand.


Μοναχική ανάσα

μες στην καρδιά

τη μοίρα σου που διακρίνεις

όνειρο απαγορευμένο


εφήμερης αιωνιότητα

στα πόδια της αγάπης αφημένη

υποταγμένη, φυλακισμένη

διατηρεί τη γεύση της

απ’ την απώλεια παρμένη

μάταια εγκελεισμένη

ανάμεσα σε δυο γοφούς

και σαν νερό

πάντα της απ’ τα δάχτυλα

μακριά κυλά.

*Translated by Manolis Aligizakis / Μετάφραση: Μανώλης Αλυγιζάκης.

**Translation Germain Droogenbroodt


*** Αναδημοσίευση από εδώ: https://authormanolis.wordpress.com/2020/10/23/paolo-ruffinis-breath/

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Daily Dose of Affirmation

Be Inspired..!!

Each day you can journey from your Alpha (it begins with you) to your Omega, which in the teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is the point within each of us where our inner spiritual nature meets our outer worldly nature.

It is with this thought I bring to you daily dose of affirmations for your mind and soul. An affirmation a day, keeps the therapist away!!! Here are your affirmation for today:

  • I release all the energies that are not serving me.
  • I am only available for things that raise my vibration.
  • The more at ease I am, the more easily things manifest in my life.
  • I allow myself to begin to trust, even if it is not familiar or comfortable.
  • My faith outweighs my fears.
  • I give myself permission to have faith in myself and this processes.

Have a peaceful day ahead.

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New mockART singles and video clips.

All albums reissued on CD.

Some of you might have wondered, why I haven’t published many pictures recently. One of the reasons is that my latest works have become more complex. Another reason is, that I’m currently working on a new mockART album. The title will be Men Who Lost Their Heads. For the new album Christoph Dorner joined the project and we are writing and recording all the tracks together. But we are also working with some guests, as you can hear on our latest single Betörve, which means broken in English. The vocalist on this track is Hungarian singer Léda Szemerédi who also wrote the lyrics. Thanks are also due to Levente Dudás who recorded the vocals at his N/O/E/W/A Creative Music Studio in Southend-on-Sea (UK). The single was uploaded to various streaming sites including Spotify and iTunes. And…

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