New mockART singles and video clips.

All albums reissued on CD.

Some of you might have wondered, why I haven’t published many pictures recently. One of the reasons is that my latest works have become more complex. Another reason is, that I’m currently working on a new mockART album. The title will be Men Who Lost Their Heads. For the new album Christoph Dorner joined the project and we are writing and recording all the tracks together. But we are also working with some guests, as you can hear on our latest single Betörve, which means broken in English. The vocalist on this track is Hungarian singer Léda Szemerédi who also wrote the lyrics. Thanks are also due to Levente Dudás who recorded the vocals at his N/O/E/W/A Creative Music Studio in Southend-on-Sea (UK). The single was uploaded to various streaming sites including Spotify and iTunes. And…

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2 thoughts on “Broken

  1. rabirius 11/08/2020 / 3:59 AM

    Thank you very much for sharing my posts.


    • vequinox 04/03/2021 / 8:17 AM

      My pleasure. Thank you for the beautiful works.


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