Vogue: The Elitist Dream for The Masses


On the 17th of December 1892, the first issue of Vogue was published in America. The popular fashion magazine, which has reached by now an average monthly print circulation of 11.3 million, was founded by Arthur Turnure as a weekly society publication. Vogue magazine became instantly the biggest competitor to another famous fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and combined “the three forces of the fashion industry in America – fashion journalism, ready-to-wear manufacturing, and fashion advertising…” (Daniel Delis Hill, As Seen in Vogue: A Century of American Fashion in Advertising).

The first cover with a black and white picture of a well-dressed debutante, made a clear statement to the targeted demographic social group as its readers – New York’s elite. Turnure had a very clear vision of what kind of lifestyle he wanted to promote in the pages of his magazine, “Life has in the highest degree…

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