Mathew Brady: The American Civil War Photographer


On the 15th of January 1896, Mathew Brady died in the charity ward of the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. He was one of the most prolific American photographers at the time, yet he died in poverty and in a state of deep depression brought on him by the project he is nowadays most celebrated for – his photographic documentation of the American Civil War. Brady was among the first photographers to fully recognize the camera’s potential for creating a permanent record of important historical events. But he is also famous for his portraits, which nowadays serve as an important illustration of the 19th century American society.   

51rh4yeoWqL._SX342_Brady started his adventure with photography in the early 1840s as a student of Samuel Morse – an established photographer, who, thanks to a direct acquaintance with Louis Jacques Daguerre, was able to introduce daguerreotypes into America…

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