Motherly Love in the Holocaust: Edith Frank


Anne_Frank_Diary_at_Anne_Frank_Museum_in_Berlin-pages-92-93On the 16th of January 1900, Edith Frank (née Holländer; d. 6 January 1945) was born into a German Jewish family in Aachen. She is known as the mother of honoured Holocaust child diarist Anne Frank. When her survivor husband Otto Frank decided to edit his daughter’s diary for publication at the end of the war, he took the liberty of cutting some of his daughter’s more heated comments out of respect for his wife, whom she had a strained relationship with. Anne’s often resentful portrayal of an unsympathetic and sarcastic mother did however make it into most of the published versions of her diary. Her views were contradicted by the memories of those who had known Edith as a modest, reserved woman who tried to treat her teenage girls as her equals.

Edith, one of four children by respected parents living in the Aachen Jewish community, met…

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