Leonardo da Vinci, Freud and Psychoanalysis


51G9QXQ7QRLOn the 15th of April 1452, Leonardo da Vinci was born in Vinci (hence the name), Italy. Generally considered the quintessential Renaissance Man, his input reached fields as various as painting, sculpture, architecture, music, mathematics, engineering, invention, anatomy, geology, cartography, botany and literature. His instatiable craving for knowledge is as much as a mystery as the smile of his famous Mona Lisa. Many scholars have tried to determine the origins of Leonardo’s drive for continuous research, and one of the theories reaches as far back as Leonardo’s childhood. It was Sigmund Freud, who in 1910 attempted an insight into Leonardo’s early days with the use of his newly developed method of psychoanalysis. The study, even though seen by many as controversial, enabled Freud to introduce a couple of significant psychoanalytic concepts: sublimation and narcissism. 

Through the concept of sublimation Freud tried to explain Leonardo’s passion for knowledge, which he…

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