Deep Insights on Death

Be Inspired..!!

Death has been with humanity since the dawn of time and yet when it strikes, it brings with it a shocking reality check as though it was happening for the first time. We all know death is inevitable to all living and yet live as though it was distant and something that happens to others. The moment you are born, death is the one thing that is certain and definite to happen and this knowledge should influence how we live and the values we adopt in life. To live positively, learn to accept death.

Here are certain deep insights on death :

  • Natural – Death is a natural part of life’s cycle of development.
  • Wholeness – The paradox is that death makes life whole.
  • Surrender & Acceptance – Surrender to nature, and accept that you just won’t get around to some things.
  • Just Visiting – You are just a visitor on…

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