The landscape blockbusters of Frederic Edwin Church


51KQR790DFL._SX385_On the 4th of May 1826, American landscapist Frederic Edwin Church was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He was a central figure in the Hudson River School of American landscape painters, combining natural sciences with a spiritual dimension in his works. Early on, Church dropped his teacher Thomas Cole’s predilection for allegory, in favour of a more accurate exploration of the sublime grandiosity of the natural landscape. He continued the tradition of American pastoral settings, captured in minute detail and imbued with romantic qualities, a style meant to capture the wild realism of an unsettled America before its disappearance and the awe felt by the viewer/explorer upon finding it. The whole idea was though to glimpse at these majestic vistas undisturbed by human presence; in these open and empty scenes, the horizon lay low and the sky dominated the picture. The brushstrokes were eliminated by careful overworking offering these…

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