Frederic Chopin: Child Prodigy and Master of the Pedal


51cxoHJFDLLOn the 1st of March 1810, Frederic Chopin was born in Żelazowa Wola, the Duchy of Warsaw (now Poland). The great Polish composer, associated with passionate love and physical suffering, and, in an indirect way, with Polish insurrection, has gained the status of a leading symbol of the Romantic period in music. According to A. E. Brent Smith, “No man has such an invincible immortality as Chopin. In every concert-room, in every school-room, in every drawing-room, he is an honoured guest; he is the confidant of every lover, he is the friend of every mourner; he is the companion of old age, he is likewise the companion of youth. This unique position he won for himself, not by power, but by charm.” (A. E. Brent Smith, A Note of Frederic Chopin, Music & Letters, Vol.5, No. 2, Apr., 1924). The charm, to which Smith referred to, was the product…

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