Swamped, a novel by Manolis Aligizakis



             After taking care of dinner for the boys, Eteo dressed carefully and drove to the east side of Burnaby where Susan lived. She opened the door and hugged him when he stepped inside. Their lips locked in a long kiss. He admired her smiling face and exquisite makeup. Susan always did her eyes in the way Eteo liked with light rosy eyeshadow and precise eyeliner. Today she wore a beige blouse with a dark brown skirt that complimented her beautiful body. Eteo felt her shivering as they kissed and his face glowed in amazement at the thought of Susan’s style. Her daughter Monica was at home and Eteo greeted her. Monica smiled and responded with a pleasant greeting as her mom got ready to go out the door with her date.

           In the car he kissed her again before he started to drive. He had in mind to take her to a Greek restaurant in Port Coquitlam, one of the few places where one could enjoy a dinner and dance. It belonged to a Greek man from Rhodes named Michael; Eteo knew from the stock market. He had met Michael at a meet and greet for stock promoters at the restaurant and he got impressed by the young man with a fiery attitude and a well-established business.

“Where are you taking me, Eteo?”

He took Susan’s hand. He loved to drive while holding hands with the woman next to him and Susan clearly found it romantic. She beamed at him.

“We’re going to Michael’s,” he told her. “It’s a Greek place in Port Coquitlam that belongs to a person I know. It’s a good place where we can dance as well as eat. I hope you’ll like, and the food is always very good as well,” he added caressing her hand.

            Susan blushed at this gesture, but her eyes and smile spoke only of her thanks and pleasure.

            It took about half an hour to reach the place. Michael came out from his office to greet them personally. He took Susan’s hand and kissed it, then turned to Eteo.

          “Hello Eteo. Welcome to Michael’s,” he said.

          “Good to see you again, Michael. How are you? How’s business?”

          “We’re doing very well, thank you. Follow me. I’ll take you to your table,” Michael said and picking up menus from the front desk he guided them to a booth where they made themselves comfortable.

           Michael’s was a sophisticated restaurant catering to middle-aged patrons. It was decorated in modern accents although with a Greek touch here and there such as small statuettes and ceramic pieces in authentic Aegean designs. Apart from these small Greek touches it was a well-designed international place with food that reflected that ethos, including some of the Greek dishes that most Canadians were very familiar with and plenty of other dishes from around the world. While Susan delved into the menu with Eteo’s guidance, they ordered gins and tonic. Eteo knew exactly what he would like to eat tonight.

           Susan’s face glowed with satisfaction as she sipped her drink and smiled at Eteo.    

          “What would you like to eat tonight, sweetheart?” he asked

          “I don’t know yet. What you will have? What would you suggest?”

          “I know what I want,” he replied, underscoring each word “but for now, here, I’ll order the lobster and would recommend it for you too. Michael presents it with beautiful side veggies and rice pilaf. I’m sure you’ll love it”

            Susan looked deep into his eyes. “I would love you to eat what you like, but here, now, I’ll order what you recommend. You know this place better than I.”

           His hand touched her legs under the booth, and feeling them very warm, he smiled at her. Her hand joined his as they perused the menu for a while. The gin and tonic began to do its job, and soon they were in a very pleasant state of mind. The server came and they ordered their meals. The band launched into a tune Eteo knew well, and taking Susan by the hand, he led her to the small dance floor in front of the band. As they danced, Eteo held her tight to his body, and Susan felt him so close and so hot she wanted to touch him all over. She discreetly rubbed her breasts on him while her legs played around Eteo’s to his delight. After the tune, as they sat in their booth, the privacy it gave them worked to their advantage. Eteo’s hand was able to explore Susan’s legs under the table, a gesture Susan loved. She moved a little forward to make her legs easier to reach while her hand caressed his firmness and her eyes spoke for her. Her eyes said many things without a word being spoken. They said she wanted him so much that she wished they were in bed already so that she could go down on him.

Their exciting thoughts and gestures were interrupted by the server with their plates, and they focused on eating, leaving other things for the appropriate time later that night. The food was delicious, as Eteo had promised, the delicious sautéed Chinese broccoli and rice pilaf perfectly complementing the lobster. They enjoyed the food and wine and danced a few more dances until time came to pay the bill and go. It was already almost eleven o’clock, but they drove around the east side of Vancouver for a while before returning to Susan’s house.

           Monica had gone to bed, so Susan sat with Eteo in the living room to enjoy a cup of coffee. When they finally went upstairs and closed the bedroom door, Susan fell on Eteo as if she had waiting for this moment for years. In a flash she undressed him. He lay on his back and let her do whatever she wanted. Susan was a very erotic woman and went down on him methodically, massaging and playing his firmness with her tongue, which gave Eteo incomparable pleasure. Then she climbed on him and graced him with delight unfelt up to now, an unimaginable erotic pleasure, until the apex came and went and came again. Spent and exhausted she lay next to him at last, her soft breathing and sighs eloquent witnesses to her utmost satisfaction. Slowly that breathing relaxed and grew slower until they both fell asleep.

           Eteo opened his eyes and looked at the clock. It was three in the morning, time for him to go home. He got up to prepare himself and Susan took him to the door. He got in his car and drove back to North Vancouver. The three boys were asleep in their rooms.

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