Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Stylish Heath




{Amman, Jordan}
{Roman ruins in Amman} {Roman theater in Amman}

After carefully reviewing a few travel-logs and perusing my notes on our journeys throughout the Kingdom of Jordan a rush of wonderfully vivid memories began flooding my mind in regards to this Middle Eastern state. So, I decided to continue the “silk road” series, and since our last write-up was about Dubai, will now move west as so many Nomadic tribes have done throughout the centuries, meandering the valleys and ruins left by past ancient civilizations.

We arrived in Amman around 5:05 pm and settled in at the Jordan Valley Marriott on the Dead Sea. Exploring the hotels spa-like compound was a fabulous experience and our first stop was to float … yes that is the correct verbiage {floating and not swimming} in the Dead Sea because of the extreme saltiness of the water. As we approached the sea, humidity…

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