Swamped, a novel by Manolis Aligizakis


When he had almost reached his car, Eteo spotted Frankie again. This time the promoter was with two other people, Sandra Wilson, a well-known Hollywood actress, and a young man he did not recognize. Frankie gestured for Eteo to join them and introduced him to the actress, whom Eteo had already recognized, and the young man, who was introduced as Ricardo. As they shook hands, Frankie told his companions that Eteo was an investor and a good supporter of Lionsgate Entertainment.The others responded politely, but what impressed Eteo most were the simple manners of the famous actress. She spoke to Eteo as if she had known him all her life, as did Ricardo, even though the encounter was brief and they only exchanged the usual pleasantries.

All the same the encounter made Eteo want to find out more about Frankie’s new venture into the realm of Hollywood and of actors and actresses who were paid at the level of Sandra Wilson. He knew she was one of the most highly paid actresses in the world. Perhaps it would be a good idea to invest some of his clients’ money in this new company, but he hesitated. He was unfamiliar with the industry. Recommending Lionsgate Entertainment would be taking a chance unless he delved into the details, especially the earnings potential and success rates of such ventures. Of course, he knew very well that every time someone put money in a company it wasn’t anything else except taking a chance. Lionsgate was no different. He thought of approaching some of his clients who had a longer fuse, as he thought of it, not the ones who buy today and want to sell in another day or two, the types like Herbert who invest for the excitement of quick profits or losses and change their minds almost on a daily basis.

As the weekend approached, Eteo spent his days accumulating shares of Platinum Properties and disposing of some of the real estate shares. He also kept a close eye on Golden Veins, which would sink like a stone unless Richard Walden managed to coerce new brokers into buying in, and doing so in large quantities. There were an unlimited number of shares in the marketplace, but buyers were sitting on the sidelines waiting or making only small, anemic bids of two thousand or less, many of them his bids.

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