Übermensch, by Manolis Aligizakis


And since the new reality was upon us truly we

accepted it: our God was dead. Buried him yesterday

afternoon with no songs, no paeans, nor lamentations

and we felt a lot lighter. Nothing was as ticklish as

the mood of the somber day while fear, I’d say, was

hidden deep in our hearts. Sorrow reigned in the black

funeral home while beggars, outside, stretched their

hands asking for what we couldn’t spare: decency

of the new serpent who appeared without fangs,

feverish magnolia bloomed its purple flowers over

our nuptial bed and in an eyrie we filled our chalice

with courage and shipped it to the four corners of

the universe and promised never to be trapped again

in the idiocy of a system.

The Andean condor we declared heir of the flesh

the wind and the rain we proclaimed our catharsis

evoe, oh, free elements, evoe

multiply and conquer the earth someone said and

it was good