Swamped, a novel by Manolis Aligizakis

Today Eteo had his appointment with Rebecca Horton, so he made sure not to have much to do around the end of the day. He wanted to be able to relax and discuss his idea of a new company with Rebecca at length. He also had to meet Robert and Mario for a drink later in the evening, but for now he concentrated on Platinum Properties; it’s shares had gone a little higher since yesterday, and with a good volume of 150,000 shares, it was headed for a successful trading day. The price was .92 bid and .93 asking, and there was good market support and regular trading. He liked the way the stock was behaving. If all the stories he had heard about it proved true, it would be a good win for Eteo and a lot of his clients. By now he had positioned at least 150 accounts in this play.
That was the moment Logan rushed into his office with concern written all over his face.
“Should we start unloading?” Logan asked. “It’s looking very good, and they’ll take anything that comes out.” His eyebrows were elevated with worry.
“I wouldn’t be so fast, son,” Eteo cautioned. “My gut feeling is that it might hit more than a dollar very soon. Let’s stay the course and keep our people in.”
“There are a few who wouldn’t mind taking some profit now,” Logan persisted.
“Keep focused and don’t rush. If a client insists in selling, let a little go and keep the rest for later. This might be better than what we thought at the beginning,” Eteo suggested.
“Okay, I’ll let some go from Sam’s account. He’s anxious to sell,” Logan replied. “He’s double on his cost now, and he’s eager to get something out of this now,” he added.
“How many does Sam have?”
“Not that many. Twelve thousand shares. Should I sell half?”
 “Yes, do it, but tell Sam I want him to hold the rest for a couple more weeks.” 
“Okay,” said Logan, looking happier now as he walked back to his desk.
Helena rang him to say that Richard was on the phone. Eteo took the call a little reluctantly.

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