Yannis Ritsos-Poems, Selected Books, Volume III

YANNIS RITSOS-POEMS, Selected Books, Volume III
Δεν έλεγε να το σαλέψει από κει, —κοίταζε πίσω, οσμιζόταν τον αέρα—
μια μυρωδιά από θειάφι και λιβάνι και σταφύλι. Τα μάτια της
μεγάλα, μαύρα, αδιαπέραστα. Χρειάστηκε να της τραβήξουν
πολλές φορές το λουρί· σηκώσανε και τα μαστίγια. Έφυγε
στρέφοντας κάθε τόσο το κεφάλι πίσω, βλέποντας μαζί μου.

Ο ίσκιος ενός πουλιού πέρασε τότε μπρος στα πόδια μου —δε σήκωσα τα μάτια·—
συμπάθεια μακρινή και συχώρεση. Κι ευχήθηκα μέσα μου
λίγη γαλήνη — όχι δόξα, όχι δόξα. Πάρτε τα τούτα τα σφραγισμένα αρνιά και τα βόδια —
αρνιά και βόδια, ναι· — κι εχθροί μου αλώβητοι να με χλευάζουν.
Πάρτε τα από δω πέρα — δεν μπορώ να τα βλέπω. Αχ, έτσι πάντα,
όλη τη δύναμή μου ξόδεψα πολεμώντας φαντάσματα, κερδίζοντας νίκες
ολότελα φανταστικές, κυριεύοντας χρυσές πολιτείες
ανύπαρκτες, ανύπαρκτες, ανύπαρκτες. Λοιπόν, αρνιά και βόδια. Τίποτ’ άλλο.

It didn’t seem to move from that stand, it looked around,
sniffed the air, a smell of sulphur, incense and grape.
Its eyes were big, black and impenetrable. They had
to pull its strap many times; they raised the whips. It
went away often turning its head back, to see as I did.
Then the shadow of a bird passed in front of my feet;
I didn’t raise my eyes; distant compassion and
forgiveness, and I wished inside me for some peace,
not glory, not glory. Take these stamped sheep and cows,
yes, sheep and cows, yes, and let my uninjured enemies
scold me. Take them away from here, I can’t look at them.
Ah, I always spent my strength fighting ghosts,
winning completely imaginary battles, conquering
golden, inexistent cities, yes inexistent, inexistent.
Therefore, sheep and cows, nothing else.

Daily Dose of Bhagavad Gita

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Chapter 3: Karma-yoga


yas tv atma-ratir eva syad
atma-trptas ca manavah
atmany eva ca santustas
tasya karyam na vidyate

Chapter 3 Verse 17-18


One who is, however, taking pleasure in the self, who is illumined in the self, who rejoices in and is satisfied with the self only, fully satiated—for him there is no duty.


A person who is fully Krsna conscious, and is fully satisfied by his acts in Krsna consciousness, no longer has any duty to perform. Due to his being Krsna conscious, all impiety within is instantly cleansed, an effect of many, many thousands of yajna performances. By such clearing of consciousness, one becomes fully confident of his eternal position in relationship with the Supreme. His duty thus becomes self-illuminated by the grace of the Lord, and therefore he no longer has any obligations to the Vedic injunctions. Such a Krsna conscious person…

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