Yannis Ritsos-Poems, Selected Books, Volume III

High Noon
At noon no one climbs the exterior stairs of the hotel;
the planks creak of the heat; cicadas scream.
A single moment becomes a band of silence.
At this time the voice of the fisherman is heard
from the shore along with the shadows of the grapevine
leaves walking under the outside tables
among the fish-bone and the peach peels.
Reflections of the sea shiver in the shadowed room,
on the light green wall, the bed railings, the white bed-sheets,
on the round belly of the sleeping woman.
Smell of tar and oil paint. They’re probably painting
a big red caique under the cypresses. Perhaps the voices
of cicadas become so strong like a bite on the shoulder
or the neck: a big red caique. It’s not Argo.

Tasos Livaditis-Poems, Volume II

Inglorious End
     I had to reach that point fast; my fate was at risk,
the slightest delay would perhaps cost me my life or
even something more serious. However I couldn’t
find my path, I was lost in the labyrinth of wet,
mouldy backyards. “My God, I have to get out”,
I said and I saw the woman. Her face had a green
reflection, as if it had grown moss; she stood motionless
before the mirror fixing her hair. “Please tell me how
I get out of here”, but she didn’t answer and then
I noticed she was a statue, the real woman sat further up
on a rocking chair. “How could I get out of here?” I asked
again. She smiled with a spite “I too wished that some
years ago” she said. Then my face reappeared next
to the statue of the woman; my face started also to grow
moss as time went by, while I, sitting on a chair,
also smiled with a spite to the one who came to ask
about his path.

Γεφύρι Κόκκορη: Ένα από τα πιο εντυπωσιακά του Ζαγορίου – Δείτε τις φωτογραφίες


Με φόντο το απαράμιλλου κάλλους σκηνικό της επιβλητικής φύσης της Ηπείρου.

Ένα από τα πιο εντυπωσιακά γεφύρια στο Ζαγόρι είναι εκείνο του Κόκκορη, γνωστού και ως Νούτσου, το οποίο με φόντο το απαράμιλλου κάλλους σκηνικό της επιβλητικής φύσης της Ηπείρου, προσφέρει αναπάντεχες εικόνες, που μένουν για πάντα χαραγμένες στη μνήμη, στους επισκέπτες της περιοχής.

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