Wheat Ears-Selected Poems


The moment came when Hera ordered

to throw myself into

the darkness of uterus, moist, protecting,

           cell by cell

           molecule by molecule

           the concept of division

           to define  concepts, images

           yet undecipherable 

I wasn’t bad in my crudeness




the expressionist

the hedonist

the self- absorbed

          the life’s laughter that I was

          meant to become

when the cosmic


started taking control

of my life

Tasos Livaditis-Poems, Volume II


We expected Phillip to die soon; I then understood

that all the eons wouldn’t be enough; while we sat

silently a voice was heard  from the top of the stairway

“Phillip” it said, and again, “Phillip” without waiting

for an answer; I tried to discern who it was, but no one

was there, when I thought that that voice perhaps was

there all along, I mean it was all we had in the world,

“Phillip” it repeated as if to retain our name for a little

longer amid the eternal catastrophe.