Nietzsche: Promethean Übermensch–Νίτσε: Προμηθέας-Υπεράνθρωπος



Prometheus is a Titan of Greek mythology who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind, defying the decree of Zeus. As punishment, Zeus ordered Prometheus to be chained to a rock where an eagle daily tore at his entrails. In this video, we will discuss the myth of Prometheus and its relevance to Nietzsche’s idea of the Superman.
In Aeschylus’ version of the myth, Prometheus knows the identity of the person who will overthrow Zeus as King of the Gods. Zeus desperately tries to extract the information from Prometheus, but the Titan remains defiant. Zeus might possess more physical power than Prometheus, but Prometheus’ intellectual power renders him much stronger than Zeus.
Nietzsche draws a comparison between Zeus and the God of the Bible. Just as Zeus became frightened by the knowledge of Prometheus, the God of Genesis became frightened by the knowledge of mankind after it…

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Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II

OF COURSE, there was no semblance or other sign that

showed us it was him; only that familiarity with forbidden

things since he had always been fooled, and his cloths from

the second hand store was only suitable to shadows, and

let us not talk of resignation in a loud voice since

the frightened man could still be standing behind the clay

mask as abandonment finally becomes a familiar concept;

          yet I could see the preventive arm holding us at bay

so you could say: I went and sat at the last step, although

only him had walked where we could never get to know;

I occupied the least possible space, however with much

candour since even God had to start in a humble way

with a small city and almost mortal by now He couldn’t

had finished His works in eons.

Yannis Ritsos – Poems, Selected Books


Η Ελένη/Helen

Τώρα ξεχνώ τα πιο γνωστά μου ονόματα ή τα συγχέω μεταξύ τους —
Πάρις, Μενέλαος, Αχιλλέας, Πρωτέας, Θεοκλύμενος, Τεύκρος,
Κάστωρ και Πολυδεύκης— οι αδελφοί μου, ηθικολόγοι· αυτοί, νομίζω,
έγιναν άστρα — έτσι λένε, — οδηγοί καραβιών· — Θησέας, Πειρίθους,
Ανδρομάχη, Κασσάνδρα, Αγαμέμνων, — ήχοι, μόνον ήχοι
χωρίς παράσταση, χωρίς το είδωλό τους γραμμένο σ’ ένα τζάμι,
σ’ έναν μετάλλινο καθρέπτη ή στα ρηχά, στ’ ακρογιάλι, όπως τότε
μιαν ήσυχη μέρα με λιακάδα, με πολλά κατάρτια, όταν η μάχη
είχε κοπάσει, και το τρίξιμο των βρεγμένων σκοινιών στις τροχαλίες
κρατούσε τον κόσμο ψηλά, σαν τον κόμπο ενός λυγμού σταματημένον
μέσα σ’ ένα κρυστάλλινο λαρύγγι — κι έβλεπες τον κόμπο να σπιθίζει, να τρέμει
χωρίς να γίνεται κραυγή, και ξαφνικά όλο το τοπίο με τα καράβια,
τους ναύτες και τ’ αμάξια, βούλιαζε μέσα στο φως και στην ανωνυμία.

Now I forget my most familiar names or I mix them up –

Paris Menelaus Achilles Proteus Theoclymenos Tefkros

Castor and Polydeuces – my moralizing brothers who

          I think

have turned into stars – so they say – beacons for ships –

           Theseus Pereitheus

Andromache Cassandra Agamemnon – sounds just formless

sounds their images never written on a windowpane

on a metal mirror or on the shallows of a shore like that time

on a quiet sunny day with many masts after the battle

was over and the creak of wet ropes in the pulleys

raised the world up high like the knot of a sob stopped

in a crystalline throat – and you could see the knot

         sparkling trembling

without becoming a scream and suddenly the whole landscape

with ships sailors and carriages sunk into light and


Wheat Ears – Selected Poems


He stood silently next to her.

She cried for the somber hour

lingering indecisively

like the ache she felt for

the unknown lurking behind

her sealed door

like the question in her tongue

refusing to pop out

although she knew well

from the pain in her heart

he had betrayed his vow

Κρήτη: Η μυστηριώδης πυραμίδα της Σούγιας και το κρυμμένο μυστικό της (Βίντεο)


H μυστηριώδης πυραμίδα στην Κρήτη με περίμετρο 16 μέτρα και ύψος 4,60 μέτρα. Photo via screenshot youtube (Upstories)

Η Κρήτη είναι ένας τουριστικός προορισμός που έχει τα πάντα, ακόμη και μια “πυραμίδα” που κρύβει ιδιαίτερο μυστήριο για όλους τους τουρίστες-εξερευνητές!

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