Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry 1750-2018



Grief in my heart

floods my life like a wave.

I drag my heavy feet

slowly to the grave

since I lost the joy

that I had once

all in an hour

in this land where everything

has changed

and since I started weeping,

my blonde and blue

light of my eyes,

the rhythm of the world

has changed too.

Grief in my heart

floods my life like a wave

as I drag my heavy feet

slowly to the grave.

With the holy cross

in my embrace,

I kiss the holy cross

and from her grave

her golden voice calls me

come fall asleep next

to your blonde boy.

Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

What if

What if you stopped staring out

from the blue window

reversed your sight path

and from the balcony

gaped at house’s innards

spied into

secret space of summer sofa

no need

to whisper for pillow

or reddish throw while loving

on the bare tiles

dawn lights a candle

in front of the saint’s lean icon

what if you with void eyes

saw green raw forms

red layered forest 

and in the chiaroscuro of first light

you gazed without gazing?

Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II


      Εκείνοι, βέβαια, είχαν φύγει, μα ο θάνατός τους είχε μείνει

εδώ και φτεροκοπούσε μέσα στις κάμαρες, έπρεπε να προστατεύω

με το χέρι τα μάτια μου για να διαβώ. Έτσι, δεν είδα τίποτα απ’

τον κόσμο.

     Μόνο, καμιά φορά, όταν ήμουν πολύ θλιμένος, η νεκρή μητέρα

κοίταζε, χαμογελώντας, πάνω απ’ τον ώμο μου, το παιδί πού

στέκει πίσω μας (κι ήταν τόσο απροσδόκητο που `χαμε μεγαλώσει),

έγερνα τότε στην καρέκλα και καθόμουν εκεί, βλέποντας τη

μαύρη σκιά των δέντρων να κατεβαίνει, γιατί το μόνο που έχει στον

κόσμο κανείς είναι να γείρει κάπου και να κλάψει το παιχνίδι που

έμενει στη μέση.


     Those of course had left, but their death had remained here and it

fluttered inside the rooms, I had to raise my arm to protect my eyes

in order to pass through. For this reason I saw nothing of the world.

     Only sometimes when I was very sad my dead mother smiled and

looked over my shoulder the child standing behind us (even though

it was so inattentive that we had grown) then I would lean on the chair

and sit there seeing the black shade of the trees descending because

the only thing one has in the world is someplace to lean and cry

for the game that remained unfinished.