Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

First Images

Joyous like a child’s innocence

the north window stood up

proud defender of tradition

that encircled the perpetual now

humble door with lowered eyelids

toward the lonely ray of the first sun

and I asked

Can I enter, can I exit

what toward the west and where’s the goal?

Icon in the corner of ceiling and wall

like the sick man in hospital ward

candle mother always lighted

in honour of her wedding coronals

and I asked

Can I reach, can I grasp

what toward God and where’s the meaning?

Fire-pit by the corner, like a soldier

guarding our hearth and smoke

that choked our lungs like hunger did

our stomach when mother cooked our food

dressed in courage and awe

I gazed at the sunlight

in this earthen dwelling

I feasted on fear and hope

in this earthen hovel

I tasted the bread of bitterness



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