Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry 1750-2018

Poem by Manolis Alagnostakis


Love is the fear that connects us with others

when they take control of our days and hang them like tears

when our days die along with them in a wretched disfiguring

the last schemes of our childhood emotions

and what does the extended hand of people hold?

It knows how to squeeze tightly where logic fools us

when time stops and memory is uprooted 

in a pointless search beyond logic.

(One day they return without any wrinkle in their mind

they discover their wives and children have grown

they frequent the little stores and cafes of the neighborhood

they read the epic routine of each and every morning)

Do we truly die for the others or we avenge our lives this way

or we spit all the measly resemblances this way

and at some time a sunray goes through our dried up minds

something like a vague memory of our lively prehistory?

We’ve reached the days when you don’t know what to measure

erotic events and stock market companies

you can’t find a mirror into which to call out your name

simple intentions of a secure life, current affairs

boredom, lust, dreams, business dealings, cheating

as if, I think it’s because custom is better than guilt.

However who will come to stop the momentum of the falling rain?

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