Neo-Hellene Poets an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry, 1750-2018



When we descent the steps of death what will we say

to the shadows who will welcome us

the stern, familiar, vague friends

with a smile on their invisible lips?

Here at least we’re alone

one day passes the next one comes

and we still retain in our eyes

something that gives color to everything.

But down there what can we say where can we go

we’ll be forced to look at each other

with severed arms at the elbows

motionless like the faces of icons.

If one comes to knock onto our gravestone

he will imagine how we lived

if he brings along a rose and drops it

it will become sand dropped on the ground

and if ever we stand onto our toes

we’ll see the villa of Posillipo

and the terrain of Paradise, oh Lord

where your fans play cricket.

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