Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II

Long Listed for the Griffin Poetry Awards 2023


     The next morning, in the side street, I was still holding

the umbrella tightly, as if I had hidden birds under it;

usually black birds that could escape the traps and

     often I discovered a secret, new misfortune in my hat,

like the blind we take by the hand though he hears

the garden

      or as if I had seen Jesus in the public baths walking

on water or the needy in the hospital being put together

on a line like small cenotaphs made of loosened gauzes

     or as if perhaps I could fall in battle, defending my cuffs

from all historical disfiguring or as if I would sing without

a mouth like the most insignificant axe when it remembers

      or like those usually reported missing by the newspapers

while they saunter in the wild verses of poets who have

died early in life.



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