Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II



When, finally, my discomfort intensified I shifted

            to my other foot

on Such Street, yet my feet have ruined me for years;

so I stand at the street light that they won’t have any

            way out anymore;

then, because of the crisis due to my sickness, I had

to pay attention to common things, but, in God’s

             name, get rid of all these pins;

yet the worst of all was the waiting room where

I, the traveller, often lost myself and as I made

beautiful plans in darkness I felt totally useless

in the light, like the coffin maker who looks around

          with worrying eyes

since each person dies at a different hour and Philip,

when he returned from Doomsday (it was perhaps true)

he brought back just a spittoon; I helped him with

            my savings and

the good news starts when you accept, from early

            in the morning, the upcoming night

until, quietly and methodically, using the craftiness

            of many eons,

I kneeled. And let the others stumble on the furniture.



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