Yannis Ritsos-Poems, Volume III


This wind came by surprise

amid such motionless radiance,

in such a heat, sweat and brilliance.

They pulled the boats onto the shore;

The vacationers put on their shirts.

It was good. The idea of protection

underscored the fear of loss. Therefore

there was still something that could

be lost in this dry, golden summer.

The wind quietened down in the evening

and left behind the damp seaweed.


Kariotakis/Polydouri, the Tragic Love Story



And I lived in darkness. And I was darkness.

And a ray shown on me

Her joyous face as fresh as dew

and I as the parched asphodel

and the awakening youth shook me

how my bitter lips smiled. 

As if her eyes told me

I wasn’t a castaway anymore

and I was bent by tenderness

I who was turned into stone by grief

Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry 1750-2018



The drama of your life and art,

so insignificant and yet so deeply thought,

spending your mind’s magnificence

in futile, laughable diversions,

playing with words all day and night,

testing how to put them next to one another,

how to mix them and add music to them,

how to enclose your dreams in verse.

Such pain and struggle, such an agony

to mould and turn your sorrow into harmony

and knead it using all your craftiness

just to return it to the people,

truly I don’t know of any other drama

more important than your pain

the pain that longs be imprisoned in a cage

its space the alphabet of man.

And after you have played with rhymes

and words like little children in their games

and after you’ve diminished all your hope

and lost yourself among your memories

as soon as the regrets appear

when the moment comes to bow or not

you lift your cross along with all your treasure

and to Golgotha you stumble to be crucified!


Γιώργος Θέμελης, Αποδημητικά

Βίκυ Παπαπροδρόμου: ό,τι πολύ αγάπησα (ποίηση, πεζογραφία & μουσική)

[Ενότητα Το δίχτυ των ψυχών, II]


Τα χείλη παραιτούνται απ’ τη φωνή,
Τους στυφούς φθόγγους.

Σωπαίνουν τα όργανα
Τα πνευστά και τα έγχορδα.

(Μέσα τους παρατείνεται η Μουσική,
Μια θάλασσα πολυφωνική πο’ ’χει σωπάσει.)

Μαζεύουν σωπασμένο αντίλαλο απ’ τ’ αδειανά κοχύλια,
Βαφή από μαραμένα ρόδα, διάφανη φεγγοβολή
Από το καθάριο αίμα τους, κι αλλάζουν
Τ’ άφωνα χείλη, γίνονται ασπασμοί

Στο πρόσωπό σου, στο σεπτό σου εικόνισμα.

Γίνονται ασπασμοί, γοργά φιλιά,
Αποδημητικά, αεικίνητα, σαν χελιδόνια.

Από τη συλλογή Το δίχτυ των ψυχών (1965) του Γιώργου Θέμελη

Οι ποιητές της Θεσσαλονίκης τον 20ό αιώνα και ως σήμερα (ανθολογία) / Γιώργος Θέμελης

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