Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II


Heroism Without a Hero

     Therefore let us say goodbye, who knows? Generations will

come to find me in the same position especially at night when

I’m absent

     when everything is vague like a woman who aged from

dress to dress or a grey street sign onto which the unsuspecting

children lean,

     of course, I’ve also been a naïve idealist with no ticket or

I’ve heard the creaking of a door and its real meaning like a

the rain song that takes the side of the poor

     and every so often I lowered the light of the lamp so that I

could gain another adventure like someone they sent away many

a time until he becomes fully bloomed or I fell asleep in front of

the wheels of a car or that I wouldn’t sing only at night when fame

was asleep;

     I am completely dishonest like this world that it belongs to you

only when you promise it to someone.



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