Odysseus Elytis-Orientations






Ο έρωτας

Το αρχιπέλαγος

Κι η πρώρα των αφρών του

Κι οι γλάροι των ονείρων του

Στο πιο ψηλό κατάρτι του ο ναύτης ανεμίζει

Ένα τραγούδι


Ο έρωτας

Το τραγούδι του

Κι οι ορίζοντες του ταξιδιού του

Κι η ηχώ τη νοσταλγίας του

Στον πιο βρεμένο βράχο της η αρραβωνιαστικιά προσμένει

Ένα καράβι


Ο έρωτας

Το καράβι του

Κι η αμεριμνησία των μελτεμιών του

Κι ο φλόκος της ελπίδας του

Στον πιο ελαφρό κυματισμό του ένα νησί λικνίζει

Τον ερχομό.








the archipelago

and the bow of its froths

and the seagulls of its dreams

on its highest mast the sailor waves

a song



its song

and the horizons of its journey

and the echo of its nostalgia

on her wettest rock his fiancée awaits

a ship



its ship

and the nonchalance of its summer winds

and the jib of its hope

on its lightest undulation an island rocks

the homecoming.


~ Odysseus Elytis, Translated by Manolis Aligizakis



IDOLATERS, a novel by JOANNA FRANGIA, translated by MANOLIS


“It was a Dream”
First was the heat, then the damn dream that found
him this dawn talking to himself; sweaty he walked down the
stairs looking around, his nose like a hound, as if some bad omen
lurked in the corners of the room. He rushed to the garden. Soon
it’ll be daylight soon! He thought, taking courage in the doubtful
projection. The lights shone at the far end of the sea on the opposite
shore. Everything was undisturbed, the island, the lighthouse
with its signals, the little moon, the far away songs of the drunks.
He threw himself on a chair and recalled the dream that filled him
with agony.
He was a tailor — in fact he is a tailor, a very talented one.
Though it was like a dream where he worked, a shadow approached
and froze him to death. An old man in rags, with a toothless
smile looked at him: “sew me something, young man, I’m about to
travel!” Hairs floated over his shiny head. He took out of his coat
something rectangular and showed it to the tailor. It was a bar of
gold. “Young man, I have no time to spare, I’m about to travel” he
yelled in his ear.
“The way you look, the only place left for you is the other world.”
“That’s what I mean”, the old man agreed.
“Damn you, you want me to sew you a shroud?” The tailor was
The horrible image took a step and sat opposite him: “a long
shroud with deep pockets to put in them all my treasures! I’ve
lived a miserable life. I have turned all I amassed into this: gold!
This life is too short” he stretched his bony finger showing
upward, “the other is more important. I want to take it all with
me and I want you to sew me a shroud with deep pockets.” He
widened his soulless eyes. “Hurry, otherwise I’ll take you with
The tailor felt a chill and his chest got heavy. He wanted to cry
out but his voice wasn’t there. With eyes glued to the out of this
world eyes of the old man he managed to at last wake up in the
condition we found him earlier.


Smashwords – http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/466354
Amazon Canada – http://www.amazon.ca/Ioanna-Frangia-Idolaters-Manolis-Aligizakis-ebook/dp/B00OL5SIJ0
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autumn leaves cover


Three poems from my book “AUTUMN LEAVES” appeared in the Swedish literary magazine MEDITERRANEAN. Enjoy!
Τρία ποιήματά μου από το βιβλίο “AUTUMN LEAVES” στο λογοτεχνικό περιοδικό της Σουηδίας MEDITERRANEAN.