The Concept of Love


 By Dr Dimitri Karalis

The Persian poet Saadi once in his spiritual ecstasy, found himself walking among the burgeon gardens of Elysian Fields (paradise), brimming with exotic blooms and rare perfumed heavenly flowers.

He thought to gather a few in his apron for friends at home, but the exquisite fragrances intoxicated him so much that he dropped the apron together with the flowers.

Endeavouring to tell his friends of the wonderful sight and the rare aromatic scents of paradise on his return, he found it impossible, because the human tongue was too poor for such heavenly description.

The same can be said of love.

Attempting to define it, we arrive often at the same dilemma, as when we try to measure the sea with a drinking cup and counting the universe with a yardstick.

Love is too subtle to be defined in simple human terms. Yet an answer for its mysterious nature will be forever a longing in the human heart. What is love then someone might ask?

But there is no answer for such question.

You can feel love, you can sense love, you can look love, you can smile love, you can touch love, you can live love and you can breathe, BUT YOU CAN NEVER BE ABLE TO DESCRIBE LOVE. Love is God and God is indefinable. Love is not just affection; affections usually call for specific objects of endearment and vanish with the subject.

Affection is personal, changeable, and transient: While love is universal, steadfast, and eternal. Affection likes to be cherished, while love wants nothing but the privilege of loving. Affection twines itself most closely about human relations, while love finds its fruition beyond the human race.

Love is not just sympathy. Sympathy deplores, pities, or commiserates, but love understands. Love only to be understood, is the sweetest kind of sympathy treasured by the human Soul. The depth of love signifies always the success in our life.

Love your partner and your children and your success will be finally to supply their economic needs.

Love your country and its people and you will be lead into a government or civil position to serve them.

Love truth and knowledge and you will be incarnated to a spiritual torch in order to light the path of your fellow man.

Nothing in life moves forwards without the power of love. All the gates of paradise open only with the key of love. The enamoured couple, travel jointly with an escort of angels through the celestial gardens. Their love and happiness are the only ones that can freely pass through the gates of heaven. Love is the mighty voice of God who speaks through our mind heart and Soul.

“The reason for instance why some men fail to attract women, is that their bodies and minds, fail to express their SOUL- and your sweetheart needs your Soul first to respond. You satisfy the Soul of woman and all of her is yours, neglect or insult her Soul- and none of her are yours. You may complain that she is cold, artificial, uninteresting and the like. No, no that, you are little course and unfeeling, you do not understand the subtle emotion of women’s nature. Women feel more with their heart and understand young children’s innocence better than man’s coarse affection.”

Wise was Purintton when expressing what love really is.

  • Understand love, he said and you will solve the riddle of human existence.
  • Welcome love and you will open the arms of the angels.
  • Live love and you will have won the hearts of humanity.
  • Trust love and you will insure your life with the God.”

No one ever lived really yet without experiencing the glory of true love. Thousand times better wounded, bleeding and suffering from its arrows, than to live sound and ignorant from this divine grace.

Love, said Socrates in his ‘symposium speech’, is “the spiritual vehicle, which aims for soul travelling and everlasting immortality”.

What are the obstacles that do not allow love to bloom in every human heart? My experience taught me for the followings reasons.

  • Wrong upbringing, excess and
  • Wrong of food in the body and
  • Wrong thoughts stored in the brain are often the main obstacles to love spontaneously.

We eat what tradition customs taught us and we believe what superstition suggests us, as a result we are too sick physically and mentally to love.

It is impossible in uncongenial environment with alcohol, meat, tobacco, coffee and other harmful stimulants, to make pure blood for body’s metabolism.

Soul needs superb health, pure heart, open mind and clear windows (eyes) in order to express its inner glory.

Only with good health and correct upbringing can we learn to love.

  • Like it shines from the Sun,
  • Blossoms in the flowers,
  • Sings in the birds,
  • Sooths in silence,
  • Dreams in the stars and
  • Blushes angelically in the pomegranate colour of woman are loving cheeks”.

Dimitri Karalis
Hermanus -South Africa