Beau Brummell: The Dandy as Social Revolutionary


BrummellDighton1805 1805 caricature of Brummell by Richard Dighton; Image Credit: Wikipedia

On the 7th of June 1778, the most famous dandy in Regency England Beau Brummell was born in Downing Street, London. Despite his middleclass background, he studied atEton and Oxford, where he quickly gained popularity among his school friends and tutors, always challenging the official dress codes with his reinvented looks. His wit, originality and innovative fashion sense were outstanding. He is noted for not only modernising the white stock, or cravat, that was a typical garment inthe Eton boy’s attire, but also adding a gold buckle to it. He would do similar readjustments to his clothing right throughout his life, eventually becoming a trend-setter among the social elites.

In 1794, he joined the Tenth Royal Hussars as a cornet. This was like entering a fashion heaven for the young Beau. Especially with the Ł30,000 inheritance money, which…

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